“Nabila is that you?” Keerna talked the words in Kanuri.

“N’am, open it is me.” Nabila reacted alike.

She pulled the entryway open without a moment’s delay, and Nabila surged in with a dislike her face.

“Where have you been Nabila?” Keerna trailed behind her.

Nabila pulled off the niqab she’d worn and hurled it on the bed. In the wake of exposing her body to Mohammed’s everyday wants, he had given her nothing! She had planned to get shocking data about Amina, yet everything Mohammed affirmed about the paramour was great.

“The special lady was to be sold to an elderly person for twenty steeds. So she raced to a matchmaking home and promoted herself. Hazim had seen her advert in the city square. He demonstrated ace her image and he became hopelessly enamored with her immediately.” Nabila’s lips moved as she cried.

Keerna’s temples were raised as she tuned in. What’s more, it made her miracle why Nabila had gone to Mohammed for data in any case.

“Were you planning to get something awful about special lady Amina?” Keerna inquired.

Nabila cleaned her eyes and terminated Keerna an irate look. Keerna deflected Nabila’s murdering look. She knew Nabila wouldn’t respond to her inquiry.

“You should surrender your fantasies and enthusiasm of wedding the ace. A worthier man will discover you in a matter of moments. Trust in Allah and stay temperate.” Keerna trusted her companion would accept the exhortation.

“Shut your mouth you trick! What has come over you?” Nabila couldn’t trust Keerna was no longer on her side. Keerna had dependably been steady of her arrangements to wed the ace. What had changed?

Keerna chose she had enough of Nabila’s disappointment, “I see just a single trick in this room. You are the trick Nabila. You have wouldn’t see the truth.” Keerna’s voice was stern and irritated.

Nabila whimpered, “How might you pick her over me? We have been companions every one of these years Keerna? I need you like never before to remain with me. I need the ace to be mine.”

Keerna disliked what she found in Nabila’s eyes. She had seen the flame of fixation and desire. Nabila wasn’t infatuated with the ace, she was fixated and it was an undesirable obsession.


“I upheld you in light of the fact that Fatma was dead. Ace is currently a hitched man and you should proceed onward with your life.”

At that time, it unfolded on Nabila that the world was against her affection for Abdul. She would never release him. She would watch him enviously inside the dividers of her heart.

“I will never again share my arrangements with you… ” Nabila waved a finger over Keerna’s face.

“Imprint my words this day Keerna. I will move toward becoming fancy woman of this house soon and I would make your life hopeless.”

Keerna detected something grim with the way Nabila talked.

“Is it accurate to say that you are wanting to hurt the fancy woman in any capacity? I will never give you a chance to hurt her.” Keerna moved far from Nabila.

“I never said I would hurt her. Something different would. Amina does not have a place here.”

Mohammed’s data had fizzled her, yet the snakes she venerated covertly would never frustrate. Nabila had grown up with agnostic guardians. They venerated the sun god, La. What’s more, the symbol of the god was a snake. Her folks had shown her the methods for the snakes; how to beguile, if you don’t mind and control them. She would tackle the dim vitality in her. She would battle Amina until the very end.

“This isn’t you Nabila, something malicious has come over you.” Keerna dissented, and endeavored to make her see reason.

Nabila’s lips moved gradually, offering path to a delicate laugh.

“Love brings out great or the insidiousness in us.”

Amina’s days would be numbered. All she required was time.

“You concealed my lady of the hour from me, you are an unrepentant liar!” Idris’ voice roared as he grasped Tukur by the throat. He had quite recently come back from one of his strikes to a little Hausa town, just to discover that Amina was missing. Nobody had set eyes on her in Dafa for some days now.


For his entire life, Idris had longed for decision the cows families. He realized he was bound to administer from birth. He had butchered his seven siblings at fourteen years old. He had taken all the sheep and dairy animals their dad had abandoned them and begun his very own farm.

Presently, he was the greatest farm proprietor in the Great Plain and nobody could remain among him and his fantasy of overcoming the dairy cattle lands. Presently of all ladies that Idris had set eyes upon, none had ever spoke to him like Amina. Her excellence was crazy, and he had longed for making her his ruler when he at last vanquished the dairy cattle lands.

“Get your hands off me Idris!” Tukur battled with the taller man. Idris had been far from Dafa for a month. He had no clue that Amina had departed suddenly by her own will. He had woken up to see the letter she had composed, and that had made him extremely upset.

With all the quality he had left, he pushed Idris to the divider and brought the sword that lay on his table. Idris had broken into his home with a portion of his furious looking wranglers. Also, the minute they saw Tukur with a cutting edge, they progressed towards him, however Idris got back to them.

“You comprehend what I am equipped for Tukur. I have constantly wanted your little girl, and you went after that craving. Your raised my expectations by conveying her to me. Amina is my better half and no man can come against us.

I approach you once and for all, where is she?”

“My little girl fled Dafa to a spot I don’t have the foggiest idea. In the event that you think I am lying, I will give you confirmation. For what reason would I fend off her from you?” Tukur was goaded by Idris’ doubt of him.

Idris demonstrated enthusiasm for seeing the verification.

“Show me,” he said.

Tukur brought the letter that Amina had written before eloping to an obscure goal.

“I disclose to you no falsehoods.” He gave the look to Idris.


Idris was not scholarly. In spite of the fact that he could communicate in Arabic and different dialects, he could neither read nor get it. He enticed one of his men to peruse the letter to the becoming aware of everybody in the room.

“Dear dad, I am sad I need to do this, however you have abandoned me with no decision… ”

Idris’ internal parts winced as each word sank into his brain. Amina disdained him. How could that little trick dismiss him? No lady rejected Idris. He was the one that rejected ladies.

“Your little girl is a trick!” Idris roared. He would scan the entire world for Amina, he would break her will and subjugate her in his group of concubines.

“I ought to have realized you will betray me one day. How might you speculate me of concealing my very own youngster?” He spat on the ground.

Every one of these years, he had toiled to help Idris with the advancement of his farm, yet Idris had never demonstrated to him any appreciation. Tukur lamented every one of the choices he had taken previously. He wished he could return in time and change his ways. Idris had just utilized him to accomplish his narrow minded wants, yet he was finished working for him.

“You gutless trick! How could you address me that way?” Idris yapped.

Tukur sneered, “I am gutless, yet I helped you rout Abdul of Kanem Dazau numerous years back. You have a short memory. You effectively overlook the value I paid for your enormity.”

“Catch him! Nobody converses with the King of the steers handles along these lines.” Idris snapped his fingers and called to his most confided in watchman.

“Scan wherever in Dafa for Amina.”

Tukur battled with the watchmen, yet they overwhelmed him.

“You will pay for this Idris! Trickster!” He shouted as the men drove him away.

To be proceeded…