The lady’s dress brushed past the tall grasses as she advanced back home. She pulled off her niqab furiously; she hadn’t made any deals at the neighborhood advertise today. Her name was Amina Tukur, and she was the most delightful Shuwa lady in Dafa.

Dafa was a little town toward the West. Amina Tukur had experienced all her live there. Sentimentality washed over her as she strolled over the field of wild grasses, prompting her home. When she was a child, her mom would get her by the midriff and together, they would both go through the tall grasses. In any case, those recollections were just previously, Amina Tukur, her mom, had passed away when she had been just six. She was disregarded in this unfeeling world, and her dad’s aspiration and ravenousness were compounding the situation for her.

“What took you such a long time?”, Mallam Tukur a flimsy and lean looking man yelped at his girl. He wore messy dark colored socks and destroyed garments which were frayed from successive use. He had won similar boots for a long time now.

Tukur was a little scale rancher, who developed wheat and grain yet wasn’t fulfilled. He wanted to claim a farm soon. He had dependably longed for breaking free from destitution; and he realized the key that would open the way to his achievement.

Amina had gone to the nearby market to offer a portion of the homestead produce; very few individuals had disparaged her merchandise, yet she had the capacity to sell much wheat. She tenderly dropped the bushel which contained the rest of the merchandise on the rough floor, alongside where her dad was standing.



“There weren’t numerous individuals in the market father, and most had come to get themselves new ponies.” Amina answered serenely. Aside from being excessively aggressive, her dad was a testy man. Tukur was foul tempered and restless. Since the passing of her mom, something had changed in him and Amina dreaded he could never be the equivalent again.


He glowered, “this is the reason I have constantly needed a farm. Farm proprietors never need what to eat. They profit from those creatures. I recently wanted that trick never demolished my odds of collaborating with Mallam Idris. I lament that day constantly.”

Amina attracted a breath and steadied her look on the elderly person. Mallam Idris was the most extravagant farm proprietor in Dafa and alternate towns of the Great Plain. He was a man in his middle age, and had a ton of popularity for his womanizing ways. Amina had seen the man once, and he had attempted to play with her. She didn’t care for him.

She thought about the range war that had occurred in the Dafa Valley numerous prior years she was conceived. Her dad dependably talked about a man, Abdul. This Abdul once lived in Dafa and he was a fruitful farm proprietor as well. At some point, Abdul had ventured on Mallam Idris’ touching territory, and a war had broken out. Idris had approached her dad to help fend Abdul’s men off with a guarantee of helping him begin a farm. Tukur had concurred, however on getting to the valley, Abdul’s men had officially set themselves up.

That day, Abdul lost five of his men, while Idris lost ten steeds. Tukur had neglected to keep the arrangement of ensuring Idris’ property. What’s more, Abdul had turned into his most noteworthy adversary.

“Father, you should relinquish the past. Mallam Idris is a childish man. On the off chance that he had truly needed to support you, he shouldn’t have given you any conditions. The homestead business isn’t working for us in Dafa. Perhaps we should move to another town and settle there. There’s nothing left for us here.” Amina perceived how despondent her dad was; she trusted he would think about her recommendation.


Tukur jeered, ‘you are as yet a youngster Amina, however you have developed into a wonderful lady. It is difficult to begin another life in another spot for an individual of my age. We have experienced for our entire lives here in Dafa, and we will remain here and begin that farm business I have dependably envisioned off.”

Amina asked why her dad sounded so certain about farming.

“We will require a ton of cash for that Papa. Steeds are pricey. We should fabricate more rooms. You will require men to tend after the creatures. How would we even start?” Amina looked through his eyes cautiously, subsequent to recognizing a conceited on his lips.

The elderly person knew something or was plotting something. She didn’t care for the look in his eyes, since he looked insidious.

“I reveal to you what… “Tukur gravitated toward to his girl and measured her minor face between his palms.

“What?” Amina’s lips trembled.

“You and me would go together to see Idris. I hear he feels weak at the knees over dull haired ladies.” The man chuckled and discharged his little girl’s face immediately.

Blood crawled to Amina’s cheeks as she frowned at her dad in stun.

“That man is a canine! I can never go near him.” Amina spat on the floor as she recalled Idris’ advances towards her.

The chuckling kicked the bucket from her dad’s eyes quickly, “don’t you ever state that Amina. You will take the necessary steps to get us another farm. You are a blessing from paradise and you will wed Mallam Idris. I will gather a lady of the hour cost of twenty ponies.”


Amina could see that her dad wasn’t kidding. He was a man of his oath and she couldn’t face him. Her hands trembled as she envisioned being hitched to a man like Mallam Idris. Its possibility made her sick. She was resolved not to be utilized a pawn in her dad’s round of ravenousness.

“I’d preferably kick the bucket.” Amina murmured quietly.

“We ride ahead of schedule towards his farm in the first part of the day. Get yourself arranged.”

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She thought that it was hard to rest around evening time. Amina hurled on her bed a million times, asking why her dad would take such a choice without thinking about her conclusion. She had lived with the man for a quarter century, she when he was clowning, and when he was not kidding.

Amina felt her heart jump as she thought of the visit to Mallam Idris’ farm. Imagine a scenario where her dad had effectively made plans for her to be given to him. Consider the possibility that he was taking her there to wind up his significant other.

“No,” she ascended from the bed and started to pace her room. She moved towards the window and gazed at the excellence of the night. A delicate breeze surged towards her, and unsettled her dark twists. Her emerald eyes twinkled like the stars in the sky. The Gibbous moon was in sight, and she really wanted to gaze at the greatness of the brilliant body. Loving nature diverted her psyche for a couple of minutes.