The Prince of Kanem Dazau had come to visit Abdul. After the regal house, the most influential man around the local area was Abdul, and the Prince and his dad as a rule counseled Abdul before taking any imperative political choice.

“It has been an exceptionally prolonged stretch of time my companion,” Prince Fadin said. He hadn’t visited Abdul for a long time. Word about the farmers discouragement had spread over the land and the lofty hadn’t had any desire to trouble Abdul with issues of the land.

In any case, the most recent improvement couldn’t be taken care of by the illustrious family alone. Kanem Dazau was enduring an onslaught by some insidious desperados, and they must be conveyed to book.

“All of you left me in my gap to decay,” Abdul answered with a grin. He was cheerful to see the sovereign. He had needed to send for Nabila and Keerna to serve the grand some sustenance or wine, yet he declined. Abdul had an inclination that something grave had occurred.

Fadin grinned, “you were in profound distress Abdul. We as a whole expertise much you appreciated Fatma. She was in reality an upright lady. I would not like to bother you.” Everyone in Kanem Dazau knew about the solid bond that had existed among Fatma and Abdul. Many dreaded Abdul would execute himself after the passing of his significant other, yet he stunned them all with his versatility.

“I value your visit. How is the King?”

“The Sultan is in extraordinary wellbeing, yet he sent me to you first.”

“I see,” Abdul contacted his whiskers tenderly.

The ruler realized the time had come to inform Abdul regarding the danger from the Western Cattle proprietors.

“Five steeds have been enduring an onslaught for certain months now. At first, we thought we were managing neighborhood cheats and looters, however the circumstance has just deteriorated. We discovered proof at one of the farms that had been assaulted by these men… ” the ruler hauled out a scarf from his pocket and gave it to Abdul.


Abdul took it tenderly and ran his eyes over the texture. He felt the delicate quality of the luxurious material and the Arabic engravings that were on it. Just the Fulani and Shuwa clans of the Great plain had this style of composing.

“The criminals are from the Great Plain?” Abdul pondered.

“We suspect as much as well. I have heard word from Mohammed, the data vender from the Great Plain. Mohammed says that specific farmer needs to run all the dairy cattle lands. He needs everybody to bow to him. He intends to join all the steers towns and battle any individual who might remain against him.” The ruler educated Abdul.

Abdul caressed the sleek scarf. He was anxious to know this man.

“Does he have a name, this power hungry man?” Abdul inquired.

The sovereign shook his head, “we don’t know but rather Mohammed just uncovered his area.”

“Where is that?” Abdul inquired.

“A little town in the Great Plain, Dafa.”

At the notice of that name, the scarf wriggled out of Abdul’s hands. His heart beat intensely against his chest. Blood siphoned into his ears. The main man that could consider such success was Idris. One thing Abdul had found out about Idris, was this; he was solid willed and relentless.

“Are you okay?” The sovereign saw the flame in Abdul’s eyes.

Numerous individuals in Kanem Dazau didn’t think a lot about Abdul’s history. The majority of the City inhabitants had come to meet him an effectively made man. They didn’t realize that he had left Dafa which is as it should be. He had left Dafa on account of Idris’ mercilessness and Tukur’s help of him.

“I have experienced this man you discuss. There is just a single man that can dream of decision every one of the grounds. He is none other than Idris. I have battled with him, and he slaughtered five of my men. I would always remember his severity and brutality.”


The ruler was stunned.

“What do we do now? He appears to be a perilous man. Our territory would never bow to his power and he knows this. Kanuris can never bow to a Shuwa or a Fulani. We are not the Hausas that they prevailed. We would battle with our blood.”

Abdul adored the valor of the ruler, “It is anything but difficult to state these things. All the Kanuri towns and urban communities, must choose the option to meet up. Idris resembles an agonizing snake. Soon he assaults us.”

“Great, I should tell the King what you have said. We would have a gathering at the castle soon.” The ruler rose to his feet and shook hands with Abdul. He saw how chivalrous Abdul’s face was today. Is it accurate to say that he was finished lamenting for his significant other?

Similarly as the men were all the while clasping hands, Amina walked around her better half’s loads. Her eyes nearly flown out of her head, as she understood that the guest was still near.

“Statements of regret, I am sad.” Amina was tied in with venturing out of the room when Abdul got back to her. He acquainted her with the King as his better half and it stunned Fadin.

Never in Fadin’s life had he run over such heavenly magnificence.

“Your eyes are exciting. You have enchanted your way into my companion’s heart.” Fadin winked at Abdul whose eyes were fixed on his new lady of the hour.

“Much obliged to you my Lord,” Amina bowed her head modestly.

“You generally pick the best Abdul. I implore Allah awards you joy.” The Prince bowed his head and walked around with the watchmen he had accompanied.

Amina’s face was flushed the minute the ruler left. The anxiety she looked about him had returned. To what extent would she keep living this way?


“What are you supposing about?” Abdul snatched her little hands and gazed at her.

“Nothing,” she shook her head.

Abdul was attracted to her like moth to fire. However, the most recent disclosure from the sovereign made him wonder, if Amina had come to wed him or in the event that she was a covert agent for Mallam Idris.

He would address the data dealer himself or his companion Hazim. He should have been certain about what to do straightaway.

“You are all that I have constantly needed in a lady.” Abdul mumbled

Amina was bashful. She didn’t realize the correct words to express consequently.

“I trust you are genuine my dear. You have helped me conquered my torment.” Abdul’s hands touched her hair.

She pondered what torment he was discussing. Amina acknowledged she didn’t think a lot about her better half Abdul. What’s more, she wanted to be a piece of this man.

He dropped a sweet kiss on her temple and maneuvered her into his arms. God had seen his agony, and brought somebody to supplant his Fatma. His solitary petition was that Amina was blameless. He had confidence that she wasn’t care for her dad, Tukur. He would love her with tolerance and generosity.


The City Square was the busiest spot in Kanem Dazau. Mixture sellers and merchants were dispersed like ocean shells. Ladies of low goodness remained by the block dividers of the square and publicized their intensely made up appearances and the henna structures on their arms. At the most distant end of the square was a structure without anyone else. It was made with earthenware and a red rooftop. This was the area of the data vender, Mohammed Abdulazid.

To be proceeded…