Nabila had been taking a shot at the meat one of the ranchers had dropped in the kitchen. The white cook’s garment she wore was currently messy dark colored and recolored with blood and bits of bones. Her consideration was on the blade and the meat on the table shrewd. She cooked for everybody in the farm and she delighted in it.

Nabila delayed and slipped into a short dream. She longed for getting hitched to the ace whom she had dependably been infatuated with, and turning into the fancy woman of the farm. She would never again be the cook, however she would name her closest companion, Keerna to take the esteemed position.

The ace was the ideal man for her, and this was the reason she had dismissed every last bit of her suitors. Numerous men had wanted her hand. Numerous men had become hopelessly enamored with her extraordinary excellence, however her heart was for Abdul. Furthermore, soon, they would be as one.

She had served Fatma well, however Fatma wasn’t adequate for Abdul. At the point when a destructive affliction had desolated Fatma’s body, Nabila realized that Allah had sent her a sign. She was intended to be the main courtesan of the farm and her fantasies would happen.

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It was surely understand in the farm that Abdul was all the while lamenting, and she was tolerant. He had cherished Fatma incredibly, so he required time to mend. She had her arrangements prepared. She would go nearer to Abdul and allure him. No man in Kanem Dazau could oppose her body.

The underhanded grin on her lips blurred as she heard strides behind. She dropped the blade and pivoted. Similarly as she thought, Keerna had come to visit her in the kitchen.

“For what reason do you have that disapprove of your face? Dispose of it, it sometimes falls short for you.” Nabila asked why her companion was vexed.

Keerna said nothing. In the event that just Nabila realized what was going to come upon them both, she wouldn’t prod her.

“What’s up Keerna? Would you not like to help me in the present cooking?” Nabila had never observed her companion in this kind of mind-set. Keerna only occasionally got irate.

Keerna discharged the breath she held gradually, “the ace has taken another spouse. Hazim let me know of it at the beginning of today. She would be formally acquainted with us later.”


A dry chuckle spilled out liberally from Nabila’s lips.

“You make me chuckle,” Nabila bit her lip and frowned at her companion. What for the sake of the demon had gotten into Keerna to split such a costly joke? Most likely, Keerna knew about her arrangements to end up fancy woman of the farm, and she the cook.

Keerna realized her companion would question her.

“I snickered as you simply did sister, yet Hazim is correct. A room has just been set up for her. The ace has proceeded onward.”

Nabila spat on the rough floor, “I will never give that a chance to occur. I have held up every one of these years to be his significant other. I am the correct lady for him!” Anger shot in her veins. It had her whole existence, as she understood it wasn’t a joke.

Keerna shrugged, “what would we be able to perhaps do about it? We are just workers, other than Master never indicated enthusiasm for you.”

Nabila sneered, “he didn’t want me since he was lamenting. How might he deceive me like this?”

Similarly as they were talking, an exceptional kind of roses and oranges drifted into the kitchen. It was the aroma of another person. Amina had walked out on Abdul on the grounds that he had a guest from the Royal House. She chose to check the farm for herself.

From what she watched, Abdul was a well off man. Just couple of men could bear to fabricate their home with stones and bond. The floors were planned with gem stones and the dividers glared with gleaming light. In the event that she didn’t realize he was a farmer, she would confuse him with the Sultan of Kanem Dazau. Abdul was an influential man, and it appeared karma had blessed her, the day she had asked HajiyaBinta to coordinate make her.

Amina had heard some shouting from the kitchen, and it had pulled in her. Warily, she pursued the shouts and the fragrance of garlic and onions, till she achieved the kitchen, where she discovered two ladies. They appeared to be more seasoned than she was; and one was more lovely than the other.

“Salam,” Amina motioned with her hands.

Nabila went quiet immediately. She and Keerna realized who had ventured into the kitchen without presentation.

They both bowed their heads and reacted, “Walekum Salam.”


Nabila’s excellence was squashed in Amina’s flawlessness. Amina’s beauty emerged, and there was no requirement for correlation. Nabila took in the outside way she dressed, her raven dark hair and her green eyes. Amina’s skin was the most attractive she had ever observed. It helped her to remember milk, and the shade of the sun at morn.

A substantial sentiment of desire burdened Nabila’s shoulders, as she gazed at this animal of core. What’s more, she knew at that time, that she had utilized her charms to allure the ace. From the decency of her skin, Nabila could tell that Amina wasn’t from Kanem Dazau. She wasn’t Kanuri either. She was a Shuwa; a type of Arabians that had assumed control over the Great Plain toward the West. They imparted a limit to certain Fulani people group; subsequently their familiarity with numerous dialects.

“Erhm, you have a pleasant spot here and your kitchen smells decent.” Amina stammered as she looked for the correct words to express. She could tell from the manner in which the young ladies took a gander at her, that her quality or would it say it was her excellence that scared them?

“Much obliged to you escort, you are very welcome.” Keerna contributed. She was stricken by the excellence of the escort. What’s more, the blamelessness in Amina’s eyes headed out all the outrage she bore in her heart against the ace’s new spouse. Amina was a brilliant butterfly, and any individual who might pursue her would discover treasure.

“Would you be able to disclose to me your names?” Amina grinned, she saw Keerna was hotter and progressively open.

Keerna was the first to speak, “I am Kerianazad, however individuals call me “Keerna,” for short.” She was eager to reveal to Amina her name.

Nabila professed to be occupied with the meat, she didn’t need Amina to learn of her name.

“That is all. I am upbeat to be in Kanem Dazau, I trust you would indicate me around sometime in the future.” Amina new Nabila didn’t care for her for reasons unknown, yet she couldn’t have cared less. She grinned at Keerna one final time, before moving to different pieces of the house.

Nabila hurled the blade irately at the table and confronted her companion.

“What were you attempting to do? For what reason did you converse with her?”

Keerna shrugged, “and you think overlooking her was the beneficial thing? You acted seriously Nabila. I see benevolence in the special lady’s eyes. We can even now discover support before her, on the off chance that we are great.”


Nabila couldn’t trust her ears.

“You backstabber! You are as of now calling her fancy woman? She is your courtesan and not mine.”

Keerna comprehended why her companion was irritated. She had felt a similar way when Hazim had broken the news. Be that as it may, her psyche was changed at this point.

“Nabila, you have been honored by Allah with noticeable excellence. For what reason don’t you overlook the ace and wed one of those affluent gold mineworkers that have desired your hand? They are wealthier than ace, and they would treat you merciful too.”

Nabila could see as of now that Keerna had become hopelessly enamored with Amina. That Shuwa lady was removing every one of the general population she loved with her charms.


“You are wretched and frail. You should remain with me, so we could expel this lady out of the farm. You double-cross me with your words.”

Keerna shook her head, “I don’t sell out you Nabila. I just talk reality. We have seen the fancy woman for ourselves. She is a living goddess. She is immaculate in the entirety of her ways and she has beauty like fancy woman Fatma; favor her spirit. The ace could never glance toward you. That could possibly occur if the courtesan is dead.”

Keerna balanced her scarf one final time and rushed out of the kitchen; realizing that her discussion with Nabila was futile. She had garments to wash, and she expected to rush to the stream, before the cattle rustlers would take the crowd there for some water.

An abhorrent idea crawled into Nabila’s psyche.

“That could possibly occur if the special lady is dead.” Keerna’s final words kept on ringing in her ears. She was fixated on Abdul, and she would pass on in the event that he wouldn’t love her the manner in which she adored him.

She needed to figure out how to obliterate Amina. There was just a single individual that would enable her to out; her consultant.

To be proceeded…