Nabila was the more pleasant one, and her looks had gotten her support before numerous men. She was tall and thin, with supple chest and a thin midsection line. Nabila had the longest hair in Kanem Dazau, and other ladies begrudged her. She had come into the farm when she had quite recently been eighteen years of age, and Fatma, Abdul’s late spouse had treated her compassionate. Presently she had bloomed into a fine young lady.

Keerna was short and hefty. She had a dim dark colored appearance, yet her most prominent resource was her almond eyes. They were delicate and clear like floods of water. Keerna had a lovely heart, and Hazim discovered her exceptionally alluring. Be that as it may, he couldn’t seek after his affection intrigue since he didn’t know whether Abdul would affirm of the relationship.

“What’s more, great morning to you,” Abdul grunted and kept progressing toward the room. Keerna could fall off inconsiderate at times and he realized exactly how to place her in her place.

Keerna didn’t care for his reaction. She balanced her scarf and hurried to stop him. Obviously she had affections for Hazim, however he was too incognizant in regards to even think about seeing it. Of all the cattle rustlers, Hazim had stolen her warmth and she was urgent to be with him.

“By God, you aren’t going anyplace.” Keerna obstructed his direction.

Hazim shrugged, “fine, you can take the cases to her room yourself.”

Keerna’s eyes shined with shock. She didn’t know that a guest was coming.

“Her?” Keerna inquired.

“Not your concern,” Hazim snapped at her.

Keerna realized he was annoyed with her since she had would not welcome him.


“I am sad Hazim, I just had a craving for driving you insane today. Great morning attractive one.” She flashed her dimples, and at seeing her pretty face, Hazim realized that he couldn’t be furious with her for a really long time.

Keerna grinned and ventured out of his way.

“So let me know, are we anticipating somebody?” Keerna proceeded.

Hazim realized he needed to advise her; else she would bug him to death.

“Indeed. Mallam Abdul has taken another spouse.” He answered smoothly.

“Walahi, you are terrible in telling jokes.” Keerna feigned exacerbation and squeezed a hand against her chest. How could the ace take another spouse when he was still in grieving? She wasn’t happy with this joke. On the off chance that Nabila were here, it would make her extremely upset for she had gone gaga for the ace.

Hazim disregarded her and separated the way to Amina’s room.

“I have said my reality. Since the farm has an escort, you and Nabila would possess less energy for tattle.” He dropped the containers in the room and shut the entryway right away.

Keerna’s heart sank as she understood Hazim wasn’t feigning. How could the hirelings not be told about the ace’s new spouse?

“See you later Keerna, I have vital issues to visit.” Hazim cast one look at her desolate face and walked away. It confused him why she looked so tragic at the becoming aware of another spouse for the ace. He jeered and feigned exacerbation. Ladies were such eccentric animals.

Keerna frowned at the way to Amina’s room dimly before running towards Nabila to disclose to her the news.


Abdul glared into her green eyes. She had no dread in them. Her voice was unbiased and ordering. Amina knew the history among himself and her dad, yet she wasn’t trembling before him.


“Your dad isn’t my adversary, however I am his.'” Abdul answered smoothly, while watching her appearance. He saw how her dull foreheads assembled in disarray.

“I don’t comprehend that.” Amina answered. There was still time to keep running back to Dafa. She could at present make it. She would beseech her dad to excuse her, and after that she would consent to the marriage among her and Mallam Idris.

She had no choice at this point. Getting hitched to that old trick would be a superior decision than remaining with her dad’s foe.

“My association with your dad can’t influence us. But you expect to hurt me… ” He respected her beautiful eyes consistently.

Amina realized she would never hurt Abdul. In his eyes, she discovered graciousness and settlement. Furthermore, it made her miracle if her dad had been coming clean every one of these years. She didn’t confide in her dad once more. He had been overwhelmed with covetousness and aspiration to possess a farm like Mallam Idris.

“I can’t resemble my dad. I would not work in his shadow. I wasn’t there when the fight occurred. Why have an impact in it now?” Amina inquired.

Her words were savvy. She was a shrewd lady. Her knowledge helped him to remember Fatma. How could two individuals from better places be this comparable?

“You are an ethical lady Amina Tukur. I will cover whatever resentment I have against your dad. I will accept you as my better half. Later today, I will indicate you to every one of my hirelings. You are currently the escort of my farm.”


He drew nearer to where she stood and measured her face between his palms.

Blood changed her cheeks and she gazed down at her toes in disgrace. How might she be pulled in to a man she had recently found in one day? Something wasn’t right with her. Possibly he had done magic on her. The Kanuri individuals were known to utilize ground-breaking spells at whatever point they went chasing. Possibly Abdul had obtained an incredible appeal so she could become hopelessly enamored with him.

“I intend no mischief,” he murmured into her ears, detecting her delay.

“I need to figure out how to confide in you at that point.” Amina summoned valor and investigated his eyes.

There were all the while talking when Hazim returned. He made a snapping sound with his throat and the couple broke separated.

“What do you need Hazim?” Abdul inquired.

“I came to report that her room has been readied.” Hazim bowed his head and progressed towards the door of the farm.

“Where are you off to?” Abdul inquired.

“I have a meeting with Mohammed. He says he has something essential for me,” Hazim returned.

Mohammed possessed a betting focus in the market square. Aside from selling gin and tobacco, he was a data dealer. In the event that Mohammed had something to let you know, it was in all respects prone to happen.

Tenderly, Abdul got her hand and drove her inside her new home.