She was significantly more delightful face to face than in an image. Her green eyes were little coals of flame. They could puncture into the darkest spots of a man’s brain. Mallam Tukur’s little girl was a paragon of excellence. Furthermore, Hazim had an inclination that Abdul wouldn’t avoid her great looks. The possibility of his companion discovering love once more, made him energized.

“Amina!” He cried as he contacted her.

He nearly lurched when she heard somebody call her with an odd emphasize. When she looked into, she remembered him on the double. It was Mallam Hazim, her better half.

The Kanuri’s communicated in Fulani in a bizarre highlight; this astonished her.

“You are extremely beautiful.” He removed his top and looked through her eyes profoundly.

Amina didn’t have an inkling how to react, she become flushed.

“Try not to be short of me. Get ready for the person who needs to see those crimsoned cheeks.” Hazim laughed and gathered the crate from her.

His reaction didn’t sit well with her. It confounded her.

“What?” Amina faltered.

“Gracious, I neglected to let you know.” Hazim delayed in his means.

“Disclose to me what?” She felt something obstruct her throat. She didn’t care for the expression on the man’s face.

“I am not your better half. I paid for the matchmaking.”

Amina’s inside twirled in perplexity on hearing this. Her heart broke into a wild race.

“I don’t comprehend, on the off chance that you aren’t my better half, who is?”

“Mallam Abdul.”

Amina couldn’t trust her ears. This was the most outrageous plan she had ever heard off. On the off chance that this Abdul man truly needed a spouse, for what reason didn’t he come and pick her himself? He appeared to be an exceptionally arrogant individual and Amina started to lament her elopement.

The ride on Hazim’s steed was peaceful. The man hadn’t said anything to her; neither did she trouble him with any inquiry. Something pestered her where it counts, yet she couldn’t voice it out.


The name, “Abdul,” wasn’t novel to her. Her dad had constantly talked about a man who attacked his odds of owning a farm like Idris. They had been occupied with a War, and a portion of Abdul’s men had kicked the bucket. She had never paid attention to the story, since her dad had turned into a malicious man.

Be that as it may, on the off chance that her significant other was the equivalent Abdul, at that point she may simply have gotten herself into a snare. She shuddered at the prospect of being hitched to somebody who detested her family. He would treat her more terrible than Idris would have treated her.

One thing was sure; if her better half was a similar man her dad talked about, she would escape Kanem Dazau, before anything else.


Abdul had been gazing out the window of his room from the time Hazim had left to get his new lady of the hour. On the off chance that Fatma had been here, she would have instructed him to pardon Mallam Tukurand proceed onward with his life. She had been the best individual he’d at any point met. He would in every case carry on with his life, the manner in which she would’ve needed him to. Mallam Tukur had irritated him, and not his girl. Possibly wedding Tukur’s girl was retribution enough. The time had come to relinquish the past and face what’s to come.

His heart jumped when he located the excellence on the steed. She wore a green dress, with a silver scarf upon her head. Abdul thought that it was difficult to inhale as she fell off the steed and removed her scarf. Rushes of thick raven hair tumbled upon her little shoulders. Her shimmering eyes were the best he had ever observed.


Amina had ventured into his Ranch. Abdul had an inclination he could never be the equivalent again. He moved far from the window and chose to make the best decision. It would require him investment to get over Fatma, yet that didn’t mean he couldn’t be companions with the delicious petite lady.

“Welcome to Lord Abdul’s Ranch.” Hazim hauled her trunk and drove her towards the fundamental house.

In any case, Amina wasn’t focusing on him. She was captivated by the lavish green vegetation of the farm and the small spring she spotted ahead. This spot was a great deal unique in relation to Dafa. She felt comfortable and alive. This was bizarre for her.

“Ace Abdulwould be anxious to see you,” Hazim proceeded, he wore an insidious grin, realizing that no normal man could oppose somebody like Amina. Not in any case “lamenting,” Abdul.

She made a sound as if to speak and bolted her psyche back to something that irritated her. Despite the fact that she loved her new condition, she needed to meet the proprietor of the farm first. She needed to set eyes on her better half. At exactly that point, would she take an official choice.

The couple hadn’t achieved the passageway when Abdul ventured outside of the house. Amina felt her neck harden as she stared at him. He was definitely more alluring than Hazim. He stood tall like a tree. His body was firm and fit. Like her, he had dark hair, just that his’ was short. It was the murkiness and the broodiness in his eyes that appealed her.

They had an old bitterness. His eyes were despondent and sad, yet at the same time alluring. Amina had never encountered this kind of thing, however a longing emerged inside her. She wanted to comfort him; to be with him, to be his companion. For what reason was Abdul so tragic?


“Um, let me drop your trunk inside.” Hazim made a sound as if to speak and rushed past the darlings. He saw the manner in which they took a gander at one another. It was too early to expect, however Ander realized they would finish up together.

Abdul was entranced by her magnificence. Her green circles conveyed expressions of delicateness, thought and benevolence. How might she have indistinguishable quality from his Fatma? He thought that it was hard to absolute a word in her essence. She was his goddess, and he was enchanted.

Amina was the one that broke the attractive look and she winced at the principal words that flew out of her mouth.

“It is safe to say that you are the foe of my dad?”

Hazim hauled the containers into the house and towards the room that had been uniquely made for Amina Tukur. He was energized that his old companion Abdul was beginning to creep out of his shell. After the passing of Fatma, Hazim had expected that Abdul would lose his brain to melancholy. However at this point the alluring Amina had come, he was rest guaranteed that Abdul would be fine.

“Where are you running with those cases?” A sharp female voice shouted to him.

Hazim perceived the voice on the double. In the entire Ranch, there were only two ladies; Keerna and Nabila. Nabila was the senior cook and a milk house keeper. Keerna washed the garments of Abdul and a portion of the bovine young men. These two were dear companions and they invested their energy tattling about the happenings in Kanem Dazau and the attractive men in the farm.