Amina saw how her eyes sparkled as she talked about affection. Hajiya had never been hitched from the bits of gossip she heard. Maybe, she experienced passionate feelings for a man who made herextremely upset.

“You will take a truck to the incredible city of Kanem Dazau. Your significant other will gather you there.” Hajiya gave her more directions.

Amina scoured her jawline astutely. She realized great she would move the West. This implied her voyage would benefit her far from the Great Plain. A self-contradicting feeling washed over her as the prospect of the little town where she had fabricated for her entire life. She would miss her dad. She would miss Hajiya and a portion of her neighbors. She would miss strolling through the tall grasses and thinking back about the great occasions she imparted to her mom.

Truly, there was a great deal to miss about Dafa. However, she had effectively taken a choice. She would leave at the plummet of sunrise.

“Much obliged to you for helping me Hajiya.” Amina hurried forward and embraced the lady.

“It’s nothing sweetheart tyke. This is everything I could do to help so you wouldn’t finish up with Idris. The man is a beast in sheep apparel.” The lady murmured.

Amina immediately pulled her niqab back, “how could you think about that?” She didn’t recollect informing anybody concerning her dad’s arrangement to wed her off to his old companion.

Hajiya shrugged, “Dafa may have numerous tenants, however it is a community. The dividers have ears. Nothing can be avoided the sun.”


Amina had thought that it was hard to rest around evening time. She remained wakeful reasoning of what her new spouse would resemble. Was Mallam Hazim a decent man? Is it true that she was committing an error by fleeing from Dafa?

While watching the stars during the evening, Amina saw that the twilight was gradually blurring, and the sun was endeavoring to plunge. First light had sneaked in like a hoodlum. This was her solitary chance to go out.


Rapidly, she raced to her trunk and hauled out a pen and a filthy sheet of paper. She would keep in touch with her dad a letter; this would enable him to comprehend why she needed to leave and extinguish any dread he could have about Amina being harmed.

Her hands trembled as she wrote the principal sentence. In a couple of hours, she would begin another existence with her new spouse.

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Abdul couldn’t trust his psyche could be engrossed with something different, other than Fatma’s inopportune flight. At first, he thought he was simply attracted to the excellent lady on the photo. Be that as it may, days passed, and his appreciation was turning into a fixation.

“Amina… ” her name sounded sweet to his ears.

He had kept the paper Hazim had acquired him the animal dwellingplace a little while in an extraordinary spot. In spite of the fact that he was yet to set eyes on Mallam Tukur’s girl, he had an inclination she wasn’t as tricky as her dad. Something about her shimmering eyes attracted him to her. It was a like the fragrance of water, to a parched deer.

His days were never again dim and melancholy. His soul was never again broken. He had discovered the ideal diversion, and he couldn’t hold on to set eyes on her. An insidious grin moved at the sides of his mouth at the kitchen table. He was eating with his confided in companion, Hazim.

“What are you grinning about?” Hazim got Abdul’s devious grin from the side of his left eye.

“What’s more, for what reason is the ace in the kitchen? Where are Nabila and Keerna?” Hazim asked after the maidservants.

“I wasn’t grinning.” Abdul denied. He shrugged.

“I instructed them to take a break for the Salah festivity.” He immediately included.


Hazim had never observed his companion this glad since the loss of his significant other. Without Abdul revealing to him reality, he could tell the purpose behind that wicked grin.

“On the off chance that you are considering utilizing the poor young lady in your round of retribution, overlook it.” Hazim pointed a finger at him.

Hazim realized that Abdul’s abhorrence for Mallam Tukur and Idris was profound. All things considered, nobody on this side of Kanem Dazau truly loved Tukur or Idris. They had lost five men at the Dafa steers war. What’s more, Tukur was to be accused for everything.

“Is it so terrible in the event that I attempt?” Abdul hurled a date into his mouth.

“I know Tukur hurt you. In any case, that was numerous years prior. You can’t take out your displeasure on a guiltless young lady. She most likely wouldn’t know you and her dad had a quarrel, years back.” Hazim prompted.

Abdul thought about his words for a minute, “imagine a scenario in which she is a deceiver like her dad.

Hazim could see Abdul had comprised of his brain about the retribution.

“All things considered, whatever you do recollect that I paid for Amina in my name. I could generally restore her to the place where she grew up in the event that you treat her seriously. However, I realize you won’t.” Hazim smacked his gloved hands together and hurled his cowhand top on the head.

Aminawould be joining the farm in a couple of hours and he would be the one to pick her.

“For what reason do you figure I wouldn’t vindicate?” Abdul was interested.

“Since you’re a decent man,” Hazim walked around quickly after his reaction. He left Abdul to consider on the words he’d verbally expressed.

Abdul’s hunger fled as he thought on the words. A foreboding shadow settled upon him as a memory flashed. Fatma had said similar words to him on one event. She had admitted that his benevolence and excusing heart had won her affection. Hazim’s admission had brought back more recollections of his days with Fatma.


A delicate throb ascended from his stomach and ventured out to his heart. Abdul was as yet a broken man, and he required somebody to fix him.


Amina immediately ventured off the truck with her trunk and hung tight by the roadside for her new spouse to pick her. The image of Mallam Hazim was firmly caught between her little fingers, as she looked through the ocean of men that remained at a shade after the roadside.

Sweat poured in patches on her back and on the scaffold of her nose as she sat tight for the man. Is it true that it was going to take everlastingly to lift her up from the train station? Amina snatched her trunk and began towards the shade. She would discover a seat there and hang tight for the man.

A sentiment of reprieve washed over her as she understood she had left Dafa for good. Her dad would get her letter, and she wanted to think of him all the more just to realize he was fine. In any case, she was failing to go back home. She was bound to Kanem Dazau, she felt free and glad.

She loved it here. The climate was cooler, the sun was milder, and the air possessed an aroma like distinctive blossoms.

Hazim had spotted Amina directly from the minute she’d gotten off the train. Be that as it may, he had caught one of Kanem Dazau’ best rancher and they’d been talking about something extremely essential. After the discussion, Hazim walked towards the glaring Amina.