Amina realized she must be cautious with the elderly person. Mallam Tukur would effectively have the farm he had constantly needed, including auctioning her off to a man she loathed. Despite the fact that he’d needed to give her in return for certain ponies; she wouldn’t have an issue with that. Her solitary stress was that the man being referred to was Idris, Dafa’s best womanizer.

She had never been with a man. However, she had dependably wished to have a joyful and calm marriage like that of her folks. She needed to be with a man who adored and treasured her. Also, not some moderately aged philandering man.

She would have rather not think there was no chance to get out of this. In the event that she stayed in Dafa, her dad could talk constantly about Idris. What’s more, the following thing that would pursue would be his relentless pestering and grumbling of her refusal to do his offering.

“Hajia,” a murmur got away Amina as a thought introduced itself to her. She must be set up for what was coming her direction.

Aside from farming and cultivating, Dafa was known to have the most elevated number of matchmaking houses. A ton of young ladies from the more unfortunate families were prepared to get fixed with men who might deal with them. This facilitated the weight on their families. The most celebrated house had a place with HajiaUraira, and she was prevalently known as “Hajia.”

The old woman was Amina’s companion. Truth be told, she had exhorted Amina to take a stab at putting herself up for a potential mate, yet the thought sounded crazy to Amina. However at this point, she was having a reexamine. She’d preferably be hitched to a complete more odd, than somebody like Mallam Idris.

Amina stripped herself from the window and rushed to a wooden trunk, where she kept her uncommon dresses and pictures. Without exercise in futility, she hauled out her best picture. She had taken it when she was only nineteen. Dafa had been visited by certain picture takers who were keen on taking photos of the country occupants.

“Superb,” her eyes twinkled as she gazed at her picture. She would pursue her dad to Idris’ farm first; and if things didn’t work out well. She would have no real option except to put her image up, looking for a spouse.


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The ride to Mallam Idris’ farm was calm. Tukur said nothing to Amina and she stayed quiet. He couldn’t hang tight to flaunt his perfect little girl to his old companion, Idris. He knew great that Idris supported light cleaned ladies. Also, his little girl was ideal for him.

It wasn’t well before they located the wooden doors that surrendered the farm in. Tukur’s heart crashed with energy. It wouldn’t have been long, until he possessed a farm as colossal as this. He conveyed the steed to a stop as they achieved the farm.

“Be pleasant Amina, having our own farm relies upon us now.” Tukur reported.

“Truly father,” Amina gestured.

The men on Idris’ farm glared vulgarly at Amina as she got down from the pony. She was the prettiest lady they had ever observed. Her petite figure added to her charm. She wore a yellow dress, which conflicted with the greenness of her eyes. Her dark twists tumbled in waves down to the center of her back. She had a little midsection, and abundant chest whose tops were fantastically smooth and velvety. Her dad had advised her not to wear a niqab.

“Where is your lord?” Tukur solicited one from the men. He had gone to the farm a few times, so they knew his identity.

“Erm, he is in,” the man stammered as he looked on at Amina.

Amina gritted her teeth irately as she walked around the home with her dad. She could feel according to the wranglers on her little edge. They were unquestionably stripping her in their brains.

“You are a stunner like your mom. Perceive how they all love you. Idris won’t reject my offer.” Tukur’s grin was tasteful. He adored the perplexity that Amina’s magnificence caused in the farm.

They hadn’t achieved the passage of the lodge, when a pot bellied man ventured outside with a glower all over. He was short, heavy and the sides of his face were secured with white hairs. He seemed as though he was going to blast. Mallam Idris had turned out to rebuff a portion of his wranglers for resisting his requests, yet seeing Tukur’s fine girl; all his outrage fled.


“Tukur?” Idris disposed of the frown and flooded forward. He recalled Amina’s face great. She was one of the best ladies in Dafa who had rejected his advances.

“What quite a while Idris.” Amina’s dad drew nearer to his companion and they embraced one another, similar to old companions would do. Amina stood discreetly and watched their trade. She ran her eyes over the enormous home and the farm. It appeared AIdris had taken portion of Dafa for himself. She was awed by his diligent work and enterprising nature, however she would never wed him.

Idris was yet to express a word to her. Rather, he chose to demonstrate her dad around the farm, while she hung tight for him.

Furiously, Amina started to stamp her feet. She immediately hauled out her image from the little handbag she conveyed with her. She couldn’t hold on to hear the result of this visit.

After what appeared endlessness, Idris came back with her dad to where she had been pausing. While taking a visit on Idris’ farm, Tukur had gone directly to the point of his visit. He needed his girl to be Idris’ significant other, in return for certain steeds.

“My lovely one… ” Idris flashed a grin and progressed towards Amina, who rapidly stood up.

Without her consent, he got her wrist and put a delicate kiss upon it.

“I generally realized that we were intended to be as one. Your dad has expressed your desires to be my significant other. I don’t protest. I will travel Qabir right away, to buy a better type of steers. When I return, we will have our wedding.”

“Gee,” Amina constrained a grin that hurt her jawline. Things being what they are, her dad had been not kidding about this eh? She couldn’t hang tight to return home. She was visiting Hajiya, and that would take care of this issue.


Tukur felt glad that Amina played along and addressed the majority of Idris’ inquiries.

“I revealed to you she needed you. My girl is a very much reared lady.” Tukur showered applauds on Amina.

Idris gestured in understanding, “she would make a fine lady of the hour.”




Idris’ adventure was going take a month, and this had given Amina all the time on the planet to execute her own arrangement. After they had achieved home, she had revealed to her dad of the need to get water from the stream before it got dim. He trusted her and let her go.

Amina wasn’t setting off to any stream. She rapidly concealed her pail in the tall grasses, and rushed towards the Dafa Market Square where she would discover the go between. She needed to get away from this marriage by all methods conceivable. Idris was certifiably not a decent man, and she wasn’t set up to be unified with him in marriage.

The lady detected an outsider by the passage of her home. She had been experiencing the installations of the earlier months. Young women overwhelmed her home each day, needing a mate. What’s more, she profited from their visits.

“Who is there?” She immediately dropped one of the indexes she held, and pulled on her Hijab and leaned against the seat. Hajia had been working since morning; perhaps the passageway of this outsider would enable her to unwind.

Amina took a full breath and scowled at the image in her grasp. When she was in that inventory, there wouldn’t be any returning. She would be free from her dad’s hold, and from Idris’ grasp.

“It is I, Amina Tukur.” She discharged the breath she held gradually and tenderly.

Hajia’sthick foreheads twisted, “enter sweet easily overlooked detail. Why remain by the entryway? You’re no more interesting to me.”