“The PRINCE speculates an eager man plans to govern all the dairy cattle lands. The man originates from the Great Plain. I just have one individual as a top priority… ” Abdul trailed off.

Without Abdul finishing his announcement, Hazim had an inclination that their old foe was engaged with this shrewd arrangement.


“Truly, and this is the reason I have come to you. We both know Tukur and Idris are one. In the event that he means to assume control over our property, he would begin with the littler farms first and afterward go to mine.”

“What are you implying?” Hazim had an inclination his companion had come to impart a vital mystery to him.

Abdul breathed in some air pointedly and focused on Hazim’s.

“I am pulled in to Mallam Tukur’s little girl, however I don’t have the foggiest idea in the event that she is a genuine lady. Imagine a scenario in which her dad sent her here for retribution. Imagine a scenario in which she thinks about Idris’ arrangement. She isn’t Kanuri like us. How might I confide in her?”

Abdul saw a conceited on his companion’s face and it disturbed him. For what reason did Hazim discover his inquiries clever? Amina was his new spouse, no uncertainty, yet he would get rid of her on the off chance that she had any thought of what Idris arranged.

“Do you wonder why I left to see Mohammed?” Hazim played with his fingers.

“Anybody can go to Mohammed for anything. He exchanges liquor, tobacco, ladies and data.” Abdul shook his head.

“Directly from the minute I set eyes on Amina Tukur, I had an inclination you would think that its difficult to oppose her magnificence. She has an unadulterated soul and Allah’s effortlessness has arrived. I hurried to meet Mohammed to check whether he had any data about the maiden. I should have been certain that she was the correct lady for you. What’s more, we both realize that Mohammed has companions all over the place. He knows a great deal of matchmaking houses and I figured I could trust in his data.”


Abdul was amazed, he hadn’t contemplated this.

“What did you discover?” He couldn’t hold on to hear it from Hazim.

“Amina stole away from Dafa on purpose. Her dad expected to auction her to Idris for twenty steeds. He is urgent to possess a farm even to the detriment of his little girl’s satisfaction. We both skill brutal Idris is to ladies. Amina chose to publicize herself with a prominent relational arranger in Dafa.

She is a decent lady. She has no shrewd aim. You can love her.” Hazim prompted.

Abdul was contacted by the story his companion had quite recently shared. He all of a sudden felt terrible that he had suspected the poor young lady to resemble her dad. Amina had nearly turned into a casualty of her dad’s insatiability, yet she had gotten away. She intended no mischief. She wasn’t detestable. What’s more, he could love her.

“By what means can any normal man present his little girl to Idris?” Abdul sneered. He endeavored to envision what abhorrences would have come to pass for Amina on the off chance that she had remained back at Dafa.

“Idris is an old snake. I have an inclination he may need her back.” Hazim scoured his stubbles tenderly.

Abdul swore softly, “I could never give anybody a chance to remove Amina from me. I would guarantee her my adoration and value her eternity. Her passageway has helped me beaten my melancholy. I’d preferably bite the dust over let that old trick take her.”


Hazim gestured in assention, “you merit a lady like Amina. Allah has sent a swap for Fatma. Try not to be apprehensive, whatever choice you take, I will remain by you.”

Abdul gritted his teeth in disturbance as he envisioned Idris riding towards Kanem Dazau for Amina. His blood bubbled and his breathing expanded.

“We shouldn’t yield in anticipating how to dispose of Idris until the end of time. He is seeking us, we need to set ourselves up.”

These were Abdul’s final words before he ventured out of the room and into the night.

Hazim was happy that his companion had discovered love, yet he was likewise troubled by something Mohammed had let him know. Mallam Idris was more dominant than they thought. He had vanquished seven Hausa lands and taken the majority of their creatures and ladies. Right away, he would ride towards Kanem Dazau.

“May God spare every one of us,” he asked faintly.

Keerna had hung tight throughout the night for the arrival of her companion, however she hadn’t set eyes on Nabila even after 12 pm. She had nodded off with an agitated personality. Keerna had seen when Nabila had put on the body covering; she had asked from Nabila her whereabouts.

In any case, Nabila had discourteously replied, “proceed to revere your Shuwa fancy woman. Mind your business.”

Keerna felt terrible that her companion was pushing her away. Nabila and Keerna had never kept mysteries from her, however Nabila wasn’t being straightforward with her goals. Keerna adored the new escort and would serve her reliably; she trusted her companion would come to comprehend that a few things weren’t intended to be.


Gradually, the foreboding shadows started their voyage from the east, towards the west, to respect the brilliant sun that lingered in the mists. First light was sneaking in quick, and morning would blast out like a mystery. It was the bleating of the sheep that blended Keerna from her rest. It was the ideal opportunity for her morning supplications and she wouldn’t yield in fellowshipping with Allah.

Keerna fixed on the wooden bed and rose to her feet. She saw that the light was quick losing its light. She expected to get some oil for it. She snatched the strands of her hair and assembled them into her scarf. She would bring oil for the light first, before stooping to implore.

Keerna saw that Nabila’s bed was vacant. Where might she be able to be? Nabila had never remained out this late from the farm.

“This is without a doubt odd. Would she be able to have departed suddenly from the farm?” Keerna pondered.

She was tied in with moving out of the room she imparted to Nabila, when she heard a thump on the entryway. Keerna solidified. The hairs on her neck emerged.

“Open the entryway Keerna!” A still voice came in the cool breeze.

Keerna surged towards the entryway and listened cautiously. There were accounts of night devils, who could appear as individuals. These devils could show up as one’s adored or companion, and abduct them to the most profound piece of hellfire. She must make certain that it was Nabila’s voice she had heard.

To be proceeded…


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