He saw the men in suits, however their appearances weren’t clear. They were in a labyrinth like structure, with covers on their countenances. They were applauding and cheering, yet all of a sudden ceased as a gigantic dark feathered creature showed up in their middle.

All of a sudden, the men fell on their countenances and started to revere this fowl. Gift it for securing them and offering them huge riches and endowments.

The vision blurred from his eyes when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

Gavin dropped the cup that contained espresso and moved his head in reverse; his sister Lily had been the one that had tapped him.

‘Great morning brother, I see that you are prepared for the present gathering.’ She pulled a seat and went along with him on the eating table.

‘Beyond any doubt.’ Gavin answered briefly.

He had supplicated at the beginning of today. He had contemplated the word. He simply thought that it was difficult to comprehend this vision.

He had seen men in suits and a tremendous fledgling, he had a great deal of inquiries, yet he couldn’t ask them now.

‘What are your arrangements?’ She presented herself with a glass of water, while hanging tight for his reaction.

‘Send for Ms. Irene, I would love her to be available at the gathering.’ Gavin said to his sister.

Lily was shocked by his solicitation, ‘For what reason is that? These are vital men from Carida, for what reason do you need her there?’

‘She is from Carida you know; she could say a decent word regarding our organization to these men from the Phoenix. This arrangement would enable us to build up a brand over yonder. We have to pay attention to it.’ He clarified.

Lily shrugged; she currently comprehended why he needed the freshest specialist in her area of expertise.

They fell quiet after that. Lily could tell that something weighed vigorously on her sibling’s psyche, she once in a while observed him like this.

‘Are you okay Gavin?’ She inquired.


‘Indeed.’ He gestured and rose to his feet.

‘You don’t look fine to me, yet on the off chance that you demand.’ She took her eyes from her sibling and concentrated on her plate.

Gavin was prepared to leave for the workplace. He couldn’t hang tight for Delilah or his sister who had shaped a propensity for going late for nearly everything.

He required time alone with the Spirit; he needed to hear all the more plainly. He required responses to the things that pained him.

‘Metal… ‘ he thought of her. Why had she solidified her heart against him? Gavin had attempted her number early that morning, however her telephone was turned off.

‘Great morning sweetheart… is there any valid reason why you won’t hang tight for me?’ Delilah murmured sweetly and walked around her man.

His hands were at that point on the doorknob, he was tied in with pushing the entryway open when he heard the still voice, and it murmured: “Don’t go for that gathering.”

Gavin thought he had not heard well, that was his mind addressing him, he was certain about it. This arrangement with the Phoenix was the greatest arrangement he had in years, remaining back, implied that he was not intrigued.

‘See you at the workplace Delilah.’ He twirled round and confronted her.

‘OK at that point, I can hardly wait.’ She pantomimed blowing him a kiss, and afterward came back to the feasting table.

Gavin pulled in a full breath and quieted his nerves. He consoled himself that his brain was deluding him as he heard the delicate voice a second time, “Don’t go for the gathering.”

‘Is something incorrectly Gavin?’ Lily seen her sibling had been remaining by the entryway for a really long time.

He rapidly shook his head, ‘No, I am great.’ He pushed open the entryway and ventured outside, what he saw after that was unexplainable.

‘Master, it was extremely your voice. It seemed like my brain.’ Gavin was paralyzed as he saw a group of Angels encompassing his vehicle. They were altogether wearing blue and their appearances were practically undetectable, as each had their face shrouded in gleaming sparkle.


Dread held him as he gazed at the puzzling scene before him.

“You realized it was my voice child, you simply needed it to be yours.” The Spirit murmured.

‘Yet, this is a major ordeal for me.’ He disclosed to the Holy Spirit.

“I know Gavin… I know all things. I am the Alpha and the Omega. I recognize what will bring you wonder and what will bring you disgrace.”

He didn’t comprehend the Spirit plainly, yet he was too reluctant to even think about asking for clarifications.

‘I am sad for defying you. I realize this is extreme, yet I will do your will.’

“Great, you can begin by avoiding the Phoenix. Indeed, even the Angel of haziness comes as an Angel of light. Be watchful.”

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‘What are you?’ Julia’s heart beat quick against her chest as she gazed at her hostage whom she was not ready to murder.

In the first place, Ore realized her by name. At that point she had thought that it was hard to pull the trigger when the bitch had tested her.

Julia was staggered out her brain, she couldn’t trust those things had really occurred.

‘I am the offspring of the Living God.’ Ore answered tiredly, she had not rested for the duration of the night, on the grounds that Julia had attempted interminably to pull the trigger, however all without much of any result.

Hearing, “God,” alone, goaded her. Who did Ore think she was? Because she could pull off a couple of parlor traps didn’t make her extraordinary or anything.

‘You’re nothing. You’re only a joker, when I am prepared to manage you, I will discover your privileged insights and torment you for making a trick out of me.’ Julia murmured irately and left for her closet.

Metal’s oddness rankled her, she was dependably the one responsible for a circumstance, yet her hostage had prevailing with regards to ingraining dread in her.


All things considered, everything was not lost, she centered her contemplations of Gavin Adediran and that made her glad. He was going to bite the dust today; she was a hundred percent secure with it.

‘I know your preferences Ore, all of you think you have this enormous and astonishing God that can spare you from anything, yet you are on the whole liars. You are silly on the grounds that there is no God. Before long, you’ll catch wind of me and the incredible things I have done. Your God is no counterpart for me, so in the event that you cherish your life, absolutely never notice him.’ She flashed Ore a notice, her eyes blushed as she frowned at her.

Julia wanted to wash up and put on something else. She wanted to go strolling later, yet work was obstructing it. She needed to find out about his demise the following day when she strolled into the structure.

Metal gritted her teeth as she tuned in to Julia’s boastings. She needed to quiets her down and inform her regarding the delightful God that had made her and given her life yet she kept herself down on the order of the Holy Spirit.

“Stop and see the brilliance of the Lord.” He had said to her, why should she battle his fights?

She missed Gavin, she felt terrible that she had left him. She cherished him to such an extent. She wished her time here would arrive at an end, and she would begin as long as she can remember with him.

Her throat was dry; she expected to extinguish her thirst.

Metal was tied in with requesting some water, when Julia’s telephone hummed.